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What to Expect from Your Membership

As a valued member of Beacon Primary care, you can have confidence that your physician is invested in you, knows you well, and is constantly working in the background to help you achieve your goals. We will always provide you with full pricing transparency and the assurance that you're receiving the best price on the care you receive.

Here's what's included in membership:
If you are interested in becoming a member the easiest way to get started is to call our office directly at (865) 540-6857 during business hours. Be sure to leave a message if we do not answer. Alternatively you can submit the form below and we will respond as soon as we are able.
*Guaranteed access is one of the most important components of what we offer patients. To ensure this access, we have applied a cap on the number of patients we accept. Currently the cap is 500. We hope to increase that number as we become more efficient and comfortable. We also hope to eventually expand our practice to include other providers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need health insurance to become a member?

It is not required that patients carry or obtain health insurance in order to become a patient at Beacon Primary Care, but we recommend patients have catastrophic coverage.

D0es my insurance pay for my visits?

We will not bill your insurance company for your visits or charge you a co-pay. Your monthly membership fee covers all visits, anytime.

Does my membership count toward my deductible?

Monthly membership fees cannot be claimed as expenses against your yearly deductible if you have one.

Can I pay with Medicare/Medicaid?

No. We accept Medicare and Medicaid patients, but we will not bill either payer. Patients also may not bill Medicare or Medicaid to claim reimbursement for our services. Dr Burkhart has opted out of Medicare in order for this to be legal.

Can I pay with my HSA?

Patients can use money from HSAs and other similar plans to pay for medications, labs, imaging, or other healthcare-associated costs. It is not currently legal to use HSA funds to purchase supplemental healthcare plans. A DPC membership is a healthcare service, NOT a healthcare plan.

Are there alternatives to health insurance carriers?

Yes. For uninsured patients we have excellent recommendations to make for health sharing networks (HSNs). The cost of DPC membership + HSN membership is often less than the cost of commercial health insurance alone.

Can I buy memberships for my employees?

Yes. Buying DPC memberships for employees is tax-deductible and has a superior benefit-cost ratio compared to traditional health insurance plans.

What if I need to cancel?

Members may cancel at anytime without penalty. Please keep in mind the following:

- Cancellation of membership is effective immediately.

- Membership fees will not be reimbursed if billing for the calendar month occurs within 5 business days of the cancellation notice or has already occurred.

- Patients will be charged a re-enrollment fee of $275.00 to re-establish membership. The purpose of the re-enrollment fee is to discourage abuse of our services.

- Re-enrollment fees will not apply in cases where it would be unreasonable or unnecessarily punitive to apply them (previously deployed spouse returning from active duty, for example).

- We reserve the right to determine what is reasonable on a case-by-case basis.

- We understand life happens and can be complicated. Let us work with you to meet your needs, whatever they are.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. Our registration fee is $175 and covers all members of the household registering within a 30-day period. It is charged at the time of the initial office visit.

When do regular membership fees begin?

Regular fees begin one calendar month after the date of the first office visit.

What if after the first visit I decide not to become a member?

DPC memberships aren’t for everyone, so we understand. In this case the registration fee will be treated as a consultation fee and will remain the same price at $175.

Do you offer one-time consultations for people who aren’t interested in becoming members of Beacon Primary Care?

Yes. The Consultation fee is the same as the registration fee: $175. It includes a full patient history and physical exam.
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