Board Certified and Licensed to heal.

Broad-spectrum Family Medicine

Dr. Burkhart is licensed to practice medicine by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners and certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. His credentials authorize him to practice medicine the way he wants to: safely, efficiently, and effectively. Many of the services he offers are included in the price of membership while others are provided at material cost. Extensive savings are passed on to patients in any case; members will never be billed for Dr. Burkhart’s time or his expertise.

The following services are included in the price of membership, regardless of patient’s insurance status.

*Services Offered at Cost Unless Billable Through Insurance

Health Maintenance

Referral for ancillary testing offered through outside testing facilities – coloscopy ($600+), mammogram ($175), DEXA scans ($255), coronary artery calcium scores ($100).


Patients are referred to outside radiology facilities – Xray ($55-$100), MRI ($600-$1000), CT scans ($400-$800).


Patients are referred to outside drawing stations, with the closest station being less than 2 miles from the office. Prices start at $7 per draw. Most routine “panels” are less than $10. Hormone testing is more expensive ($40-$100). Annual bloodwork for health maintenance purposes tends to be $20/year.

In-Office Procedures

Offered directly at Beacon Primary Care facilities - splinting of sprained joints ($10-$30, depending on the size of the joint), corticosteroid injections ($15-20), cryotherapy ($30/session), skin biopsy ($40/specimen, pathology review separate), incision and drainage ($20), laceration repair ($30), ingrown toenail removal ($50).

Women's Health

Specimens gathered at Beacon Primary Care facilities but then sent to an outside facility. PAP smear ($56), HPV testing ($88), Vaginal wet prep ($48).

Contraception Management

Offered directly at Beacon Primary Care Facilities - Depo-Provera shots ($30/ea), NuvaRing ($48/ea), Copper IUD ($937).


Regularly scheduled infant and childhood vaccines are free at the health department and not offered at Beacon Primary Care. Annual flu shots, covid shots, and TDap are also not offered at Beacon Primary care at this time.

Prenatal Care

Currently Dr. Burkhart does not deliver infants as part of Beacon Primary Care services. He cares for his patients who become pregnant up until the third trimester, at which point he refers them to an obstetrician, if not sooner. He also orders prenatal labs through outside labs ($153) and prenatal ultrasounds but does not perform them himself. 


Medications are ordered by Dr Burkhart wholesale and dispensed in the office without a significant markup. Medicines used for management of chronic diseases are dispensed in 3-month supplies and cost between $3 and $18 depending on the exact price/pill. Medicines used in the treatment for acute problems and for short term use are dispensed free to patients, including antibiotics. Dr. Burkhart prescribes controlled substances at his discretion when deemed clinically appropriate.
*Only services offered through outside facilities (labs, imaging or other diagnostic centers) are eligible for insurance coverage, since Beacon Primary Care does not work with insurance companies directly. Prices shown are the cash price offerings when known and are paid directly to the facilities offering the services, except in the case of laboratory testing, which is billed to the Beacon Primary Care client account. Patient's are responsible for reimbursing Beacon Primary Care in these cases. Actual prices are subject to change. None of the preventative services listed above are a requirement for joining the practice.
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