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Choose Direct Primary Care.

Direct primary care is an increasingly popular way for people to receive health care services. It's an alternative payment structure that cuts out middlemen and other third parties that stand between you and your provider. Direct primary care clinics do not accept payment from health insurance companies, electing to instead allow direct payment from patients on a recurring, monthly basis in exchange for medical care. Beacon Primary Care is part of the larger DPC movement nation-wide as part of the DPC-Alliance.

Why Choose Direct Primary Care?

The insurance-driven healthcare model is no longer mutually beneficial for patients or their providers. The fundamental problem is that health insurance is not actually a healthcare product, but rather a financial product. It is subject to regulatory oversight and bureaucracy. Furthermore, insurance companies have to make profits, and they can only do that by paying out less money than they collect from patient premiums. The average patient will always lose in this situation. Because of this arrangement, the cost of healthcare continues to rise without adding additional benefits or value to patients. Providers struggle to find solutions in a system that incentivizes and rewards quantity over quality while patients are left feeling rushed and often unheard.

The DPC model restores the balance between patients and their providers. It gives both parties the power to make financial and health care decisions that are best for them, without delays or excessive and unnecessary input from outside parties. Direct primary care is high quality, patient-centered medical care delivered directly to you, swiftly, with no hidden fees or costs. At Beacon Primary Care we guarantee all of that and much more.
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